Dan Bertschi

What's on your iPad? How are you using the eDrawings app?

Discussion created by Dan Bertschi on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by Brad Baker

Hi Everyone,


The launch of eDrawings on the iPad intrigues me, and I'd like to get a realistic idea of the demand for its use.  As designers, we see things a bit differently from some of the consumers of this new eDrawing app.  I know there are some SW users that will use he app for various reasons, and some of us will get it just because it's cool & we already have an iPad.  I'm really curious about its use in other areas such as Sales/Marketing/Review/Manufacturing and so on.


I'm sure there are many reasons for SW creating the apps, and choosing the iPad.  This has been discussed in many other threads & blogs, so, no need to repeat it.  I would like to know:  What are the real needs it will serve?  How will it be used in your organization? Which iPad owners will have the app and use it to access SW models/drawings and for what specific purposes?


Yes, it's definitely COOL, but I'm seeking the real future use of this app... where do you think it will go and how will it be used beyond the engineering/design department?


Thanks for your input...  hopefully, this thread will provide many others with ideas to maximize the use of the app, and get the most value out of their models!


Looks like it's time for me to buy an iPad, black or white?