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    Pro/E to Solidworks translations

    Brad Reinagle

      I am a former Pro/E user. 19 years. About 6 months on Solidworks.

      The company I work for primarily uses NX, but we have a couple seats of Solidworks and we basically will not receive any training to use it to its full potential and our CAD administrator is not a fan of Solidworks so there is limited support from him also. So anything I need to do on here I need to figure out for myself.


      So, anyway,

      Pro/E and Solidworks have many similarities, but they apply different definitions to the same words.

      I.E. Configuration;


      In Solidworks “configuration” seems to be about what Pro/E called a “layout”. Basically a combination of features, components and variable values in a either a part model or an assembly model that you can pick and choose from to create different versions of similar related models.


      In Pro/E, Configuration refers to how Pro/E is configured for the operator while working in Pro/E. You have a couple different Config.pro files that get loaded into you operating system when you start up a Pro/E session. One is a high level config.pro that sets companywide system default settings for just about every variable you can think of from a CAD operation aspect. Like background colors, default decimal places in sketcher, etc. The next config.pro file is the operators personal settings that may override the initial config file. Then there is also a config.sup  file that like the high level config file, sets companywide default settings but the operators config cannot override them.


      So I am familiar with the Pro/E use of the word configuration. Is there anything in Solidworks that is of a similar function? Once in a model file I do go in and change some settings under the “system options” & “document properties”, but I find myself usually changing the same ones so is there a way to pre-set these to default to my preferences?


      Many more questions to follow…




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          Alin Vargatu

          Brad Reinagle wrote:


          Once in a model file I do go in and change some settings under the “system options” & “document properties”, but I find myself usually changing the same ones so is there a way to pre-set these to default to my preferences?



          Brad, open a new file and customize it as you wish. Once finished save it as a template (it will save all document properties, among other things). Next time you will start a new file, make sure you start from that template (for that you need to switch to "Advanced" in the New SolidWorks Document dialog box.


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            John Burrill

            Brad, I worked with a Pro-E guy a while back who asked about this very subject.  I'd heard of organization-wide software configuration from working with MicroStation back in the day and for large organizations where you're trying to standardize hundreds of machine configurations, I imagine it's a must-have.  In Microstation, system configuration was based on the same types of files you described.  You had an enterprise settings file; a user-override file and a settings file that said what users could and couldn't override.

            However, Solidworks doesn't work like that.

            For the most part, Solidworks' application settings (paths, colors, personalization) are stored in the Windows registry.  that being the case, there isn't extensive control over what settings a user can change and what settings require administrative access.

            However, you can copy settings from one machine to another.

            If you go into the Solidworks program group in the Start Menu of windows, you'll see a subfolder named 'Solidworks Tools'.  In there is an app called "CopySettingsWizard"  which creates a registry file containing the information described above.

            When you run that file on another machine (or logged in as a different user) it will apply any combination of user customization and system options that you want..

            You can image those settings along with the Solidworks installation by creating the file from a template installation and configuring an Administrative image to apply the settings after Solidworks installation complete.  See the installation guide for more on Administrative Images.

            HOpe that helps.


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              Jeremy Feist

              also, new in SW 2013, there is an adminstrator dashboard that is supposed at least let the admin see what system settings users have set differently than what the admin sets.


              also for the document settings, you can save out the document settings as a "dafting standard" so you can update older parts with just loading that in.