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Solidworks hangs indefinitely when importing .stp files

Question asked by Matthew Kressin on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2014 by Doncho Delchev

When I try and import an .stp assembly, solidworks says "processing" and never loads the file. It just hangs indefinitely.  The files are not complicated- just 1MB files of picture frames with a few basic components.  My company runs solidworks 2012, 32bit with 4gb ram, due to other programs that require 32bit (boo!). 


My Asia suppliers all prefer to import and export in .stp.  Some use old versions of solidworks, some turbocad, some a combination of pro E and the others I listed.  We had the same issue with 2011 solidworks, so I updated hoping it would fix the issue.  The only workaround that I have is to open Inventor 2013, open the .stp, then save as another format. 


Has anyone else experienced these types of issues?  Is there a workaround (besides the supplier saving in a different format (.x_t)?