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Sheet Metal Spiral

Discussion created by Guy Rosemellia on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by Chad Moles

I'm putting together a sheet metal blower that has a Spiral part which requires a flat pattern. I was able to use the

sheet metal tools to flatten the spiral but cannot make the flange to the spiral flatten correctly. Centrifugal blowers

generally have a flange that lays flat on the side panel to the blower. I have included an example image showing

the small flange that folds to the side panel and the file that I am working on. I have only put on one flange up to this

point using a method that is not quite right for the flange to flatten correctly. I tried various things with the new Sweep

Flange tool and could not get it to work with the spiral. You will see if you unsupress Unfold1 and

Unfold2 in the tree the flange flattens but only on its edge as I knew it would. I'm basically fishing around for options

to something that may not have a solution. My hope is to get the flange to flatten with the spiral so it shows

correctly for flat developement.