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When surfaces are a solid but not a solid.

Question asked by Richard Gergely on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2012 by Rick McWilliams

It would appear in surfacing if the final surface produced also knits together within that feature (certain types of trim for example) and it was the only/final gap as such in the surfacing it results in a fully knitted model. This model has no gaps but is listed as a surface entity. As all the surfaces are knitted together there would appear to be no function in solidworks to convert this to a solid (or rather SW just to recognise it as a solid which it is).


I know the work around - make sure the last feature while surfacing doesn't knit/or off set a surface zero and delete the original and knit to solid. Which either is all a bit a of a mess around.


So am I missing something really simple here which makes SW know that it is now really a solid??