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Part in part(weldment), what a mess!

Question asked by Darren Marchant on Sep 16, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by John Layne


Does anybody create weldments which contain 1 or 2 derived parts that may be a standard welded in gusset or label?


I use to do this in 2011, with a couple of work arounds, and got good results, but doing it in 2012 is just silly.

Try creating a weldment and using "insert part" to add in an existing part you may use elsewhere. (Imagine a standard gusset or welded on name plate)

Creat your weldment cut list and try editing

1. Mass, for some reason item 14 (the inserted part) keeps picking up the mass of item 1.

2. Had to break the links to the orginal part that i inserted in order to correct the material, weldment is mild steel, inserted part is stainless steel.

3. It calls in the description from the cutlist for the inserted part which cannot be renamed to set it aside or over written.


I used to get around issues like these by renaming the property in cutlist, then re inserting it on a new line with a manual text entry for its value, but sw2012 just over writes those back to the way they were. This will blow apart dozens existing of models.


Anybody able to help?