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Rotating/Reorienting Components

Question asked by Mark Gibson on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Josef Dickerson

Hi all,


  Just wanted to take a quick informal poll about rotating assembly components (for example, to reorient a part before mating it into place).


Question 1:  How often do you need to rotate components in an assembly?  Daily, monthly, every now-and-again, never?  (If you never/rarely do this, don't be afraid to say so; we're not planning to remove any functionality!)


Question 2:  If you do rotate components, how do you do so?  "Move with Triad", drag with right-mouse button, "Rotate Component" command in CommandManager, keyboard shortcut, or some other way?



Thanks for your help!


Mark Gibson

SolidWorks User Experience