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    Solidworks 3D model library?

    Qi Lu



      Is there something like a repertoire for 3D models?


      For example, Google has a 3D warehouse for Sketchup models; given the popularity of Solidworks and its huge user base, I wonder if there also exist something similar to that of Google 3D warehouse?


      I have found 3DVIA.com which hosts lots of 3D models created by an array of software including SW, but NONE of the files are in the original Solidworks .SLDPRT format, and most are actually in .3dxml file.


      Can I use this .3dxml file in my SW assembly? Are they editable? And where to find .SLDPRT library for similar contents, not just basic mechanical components, but for more diverse categories like even including a Mig-29 model?