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    convergence plot normalized value meaning

    Pascal M



      from what i understand, when the plot is horizontal for displacement, this means the results have converged. 


      im not too sure how normalized value is calculated, is the formula available somewhere so i can understand what it means?


      As i do more and more loops, target acuracy gets lower, im assumming, this means it is getting more and more acurate, right?



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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Pascal: I did some testing and found that, when you graph more than one variable, the scale on the left side needs to adjust so you can see all the graphs fitting into one area.


          The normalized value for a parameter is scaled relative to the maximum value for that particular parameter. You can think of the normalized values as "..the percent of maximum, for that parameter".


          Loop 1: stress = 29 ksi.

          Loop 2: stress = 35 ksi.

          Loop 3: stress = 42 ksi.

          The maximum value for this parameter is 42 ksi (from loop 3).


          So the normalized value will scale the results as:

          Loop 1: normalized stress = 29/42 = 0.69 [so this is 69% of the maximum]

          Loop 2: normalized stress = 35/42 = 0.83 [this is 83% of the maximum]

          Loop 3: normalized stress = 42/42 = 1.00 [this is 100% of the maximum]


          I hope that helps, but let us know!