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Custom Weldments

Question asked by Matt Seibert on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2012 by Alin Vargatu

I have created a few custum weldments successfully.  The custom profiles are in the weldment folder, under a subfolder (Standard) called custom, then a sub folder (Type) for the type of weldment, then the different sizes.


However, I am having issues with my weldment cut list.  My item description is missing under the property name tab in the cut list summary.  Here are details to explain the issue.


I've created a line segment in a new part.  I click on the structural member tab select ansi inch, select L Angle, the L1.125x1.125x0.125.  Everything populates fine.  I update my cut list.  Then I right click on Cut-List-Item1(1) and select properties.  Under Cut List Summary, There is Length, Material, and Description.  Everything is populated fine (6", Plain Carbon Steel, L1.125x1.125x0.125).  No issues.


I then change profile to a custom profile (2"x4" plate).  Right click on the profile in the feature manager design tree, click edit feature, the change to the new to profile.  I then right click update the cut list, right click on Cut-List-Item1(1) and open the properties.  I still have the Length, and Material in the Cut List Summary and they are filled in correctly.  However, the Description is missing.  How can I have this populate for each custom profile?  I know I can add it after I create my weldment but I am wondering why it doesn't automatically populate like the shapes in the ansi inch standard.


Hope this makes since and thanks in advance,