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    Can't install SolidWorks

    Jacob Fenwick

      I have a copy of SolidWorks that I want to run on my local computer.

      Somehow it seemed to default to "Administrative Image". I think what I really wanted is Individual.

      Is there a way to switch to Individual?

      I guess I would be ok with Administrative, but when I try to click the "Install SolidWorks products now" link, it just brings up this page that says:

      "Internet Explorer requires specific settings to install the SolidWorks software."

      I've made all the changes it asks for me to make, but it still never starts installing the software!

      I'm really stuck here, I have no idea how to install it.

      And now I've signed up to this form and I accidentally didn't fill in my name or my username and it won't let me change it.

      So far I really am not liking my experience with this software at all.