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    multi line radial dimension leader position

    Andrew Burdon

      Hopefully this is a simple question...


      When adding a Radial dimension  with multi line text to a drawing.

      the defualt leader setting has the leader line positioned to the center line of text.

      I want to have the leader line positioned to the top line of text.


      Can this be done?


      You can choose the location of the leader if you use a note with a leader

      but there does not seem to be an option to do this with radial dimensions


      I'm using Solidworks 2012.



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          Alin Vargatu

          As per Knowledgebase:


          It is likely that the dimension text position (document properties> dimension> linear) is set to “Solid Leader, Aligned Text” or “Broken Leader, Horizontal Text” which are two invalid settings for the vertical justification to work. Change the setting to “Broken Leader, Aligned Text and the options will be available as per ANSI.


          I tried and it works:


          Edit - At this time I cannot post images - the forum has a hiccup.

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            Tom Helsley



            Have you tried using these settings below?


            Shoulder Alignment.png


            Does your radial dimension have stacked tolerances on the first line?  If so, then in 2012 and earlier, these buttons are pretty useless, but there is a workaround...

            1. Set the shoulder alignment to middle.
            2. In the dimension's property manager, set your cursor to the beginning of the text in the text box.
            3. Add a space (" ") character, then enter.
            4. If your dimension has more lines, then repeat step 3 for each line.
            5. As you do this, notice that the shoulder moves up closer to the top row of visible text.


            Now that we can talk about it, SolidWorks 2013 has addressed the shoulder alignment problem when you have stacked dimensions - the workaround isn't necessary.