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    How to move converted entities

    VI Fa



      I have a workpiece which I have repeated 4 times with a linear pattern in my assembly. I have converted different entities from my workpiece onto a part beneath. But I have now made some changes to the workpiece which require me to repeat it 5 times in my assembly, and the changes takes place between piece 2 and 3 in my linear pattern. Can I somehow edit my linear pattern and insert an extra piece between 2 and 3 ? The converted entities I already have made need to follow.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Are you converting edges from a part in a sketch, then patterning those converted entities four times? And now you want another copy of those converted edges, but half way between the center two of the copies? If that is the case, then you can make 7 copies at half of the original spacing and then skip the 2nd and 6th copies.


          Jerry Steiger

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              VI Fa

              Hi Jerry,


              I took some screenshots which hopefully will make it easier for me to explain.



              Picture 1:

              I have a sheet of metal and my workpart. I have made an assembly of these, where I have used the linear pattern function to repeat the workpart 4 times.


              Picture 2:

              I have used the convert entities function to sketch contour form the workpart onto the sheet.


              Picture 3:

              Looks like this.


              Picture 4:

              Some changes have been made to the workpart, these need to be sketced onto the sheet as well.


              Picture 5:

              But the new contour has to be sketched as number 3 in the row.



              The issue:

              It means the rectangular cut and the single hole has to be moved to the right to make space for the new contour. How do I do this without deleting the sketch and sketch it up again ?