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Can I control the version used in a 'PDM Template'?

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2012 by Ravi Teja

Here's the deal:


We control our forms in EPDM so that they can be under version control.  When a user wants to create a document based on these forms, they use the Template routine feature, ie 'RClick\New\Useful Form', and the system creates a new document with an assigned serial number based on the form in the vault.


My problem is that when I begin working on an update of the form, I don't want it to be used until it's been finished and officially released.  As soon as I create a new version of the form, however, the Template routine puts it into use any time a user creates a new document with that form.  Any experimental changes I make go into effect immediately, because the Template routine does not allow me to specify which version of the form to be used when creating a new document.


It's actually more complicated than that, because as I understand it the Template routine will use whatever version the user has in their local cache, so different users may end up creating documents that are based on different versions of the form; some may be using unreleased versions, some may be using the correct verson and some may still have out-of-date versions that should have been superceded.


If anyone has any thoughts on the best way to handle this, I would love to hear them.