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Toolbox Failed to Save on Insert and Read-Only Error on Save

Question asked by Mitch Dohman on Sep 13, 2012

Recently I have started with a new company, and the other 2 designers have had Solidworks Toolbox pointing at a local location on ther PC's.  This creates a problem when I or when one of them open someone elses drawing.  Problem being fasteners are showing incorrect sizes and what not.  So I am trying to get these things in synch pointing at a shared directory on the server.  I created the directory, pointed Toolbox at it and it is giving the errors Toolbox Failed to Save when I insert a fastener and then a Read Only error when I try to save.  A quick search is really only brought up issues years old and I have been out of the Solidworks world for a couple of years and I am not sure they are relevant answers.  Anybody have any thoughts on what my issue is?