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    Freeze bar missing

    Chris Lindloff

      I have enabled the feature freeze in options, but the yellow/gold bar is not at the top of my tree.  I am able to right click on a feature and there is a "freeze" selection, but in picking it nothing appears to happen.  This isa large tree with multi bodies.


      I experimented with the freeze early on, but have not used it much, it seemed that 2012 had gotten much better in general with the uncesscesary full rebuilds happening when you would not expect them to.


      Any things to look for?  Or reasons when freeze is not applicable?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Try a restart of SolidWorks or the machine and check.

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            Jerry Brian

            I am not sure but I think if you open an older, say, 2006 file it won't be there, so maybe save it as a 2012 and reopen it?

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              Chris Lindloff

              No luck so far, I restart every morning, and it has not been working for a while. 


              This file was created in 2012, and even starting a new file, I do not get a freeze bar.


              My VAR suggested an install "repair" which did not do it.  Next they want the registry reset.  I don't want to mess with this, and will wait fo IT to do it.

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                Paul Cullen

                Hi Chris


                What service pack of Solidworks are you running, I had some problems with the freeze bar in SP1 when it came to some files converted from 2011, My VAR sent my file to SolidWorks and they came back saying that problem was fixed in SP2 or SP3 I cannot remember which, so I just had to wait but it worked ok on all new parts and some smaller parts converted from 2011.


                If you right click on the freeze bar can you choose "roll to end" to roll the bar to the bottom of the feature tree, if this works you can right click on the bar again when it is at the bottom and click roll to top.