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    Issues with copy tree

    Alexia Ciontea

      I was helping a co-worker earlier today with an issue that I can't determine a cause for. We have SolidWorks 2010 and use EPDM for managing our part and drawing files. He had copy/pasted a part file that had been created outside of EPDM. He attempted to do a copy tree on the part file and the design tree in the resulting part had only the first two actions. The remaining operations in the original design tree were completely missing from the 'copy tree'-d version. Any thoughts on why this would happen? Thanks!

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Having trouble following...can you attach a screen shot?

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              Alexia Ciontea



              For some reason I can't get my screen shot to upload, so I'll try to explain a little more clearly.


              Hopefully this helps:


              • Original file:
                • Extruded body
                • Extruded cut
                • Revolved body
                • Revolved cut
                • Circular pattern
                • Swept cut
                • Etc.
              • Copied file:
                • Extruded body
                • Extruded cut



              Nothing else after that. When the copy tree function ran through its paces, it left some stuff behind. Any ideas as to why?



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                  Tim Read

                  Interesting issue...


                  To track done the cause you need to ask a couple of questions...


                  Was the original part checked in to EPDM in the state that you see in the copied file?

                  Was the orignial part checked out of EPDM and modified before the "Copy tree" action?


                  I have not used copy tree much but I would guess that because it is an EPDM function it copies the file from the Vault not from the Local Cache.


                  Hope you find the cause and post back if you do.