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Routing and EPDM

Question asked by Robert White on Sep 13, 2012

Currently, we are in EPDM 2012 SP4 and have a large amount of Assemblies and Drawings for Routed lines and want to integrate these into EPDM. The issue is a lot of these assemblies/subassemblies can be reused into new designs with a few changes, yet I'm not sure how to cleanly edit the filenames when performing a Copy Tree as the new part will need a new document number.


Issue-> I need to copy drawing/assemblies/subassemblies from a 'Legacy' folder to a Production folder while renaming the documents while ensuring the drawing name, main assembly, and Tubing_# subassemblies match. (Ideally, without having to edit EACH item in the Copy tree list).


Also, how do you have your Vault setup for documents (assemblies/drawings) made in Routing?


Thank you.