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Cannot “Mirror” before “Convert”?

Question asked by Qi Lu on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by Glenn Schroeder



I would like to ask a question on the relationship between different sketches.



If there are two different sketches on the same plane (1) a center line (2) a rectangle:

  1. I CANNOT mirror any edge of (2) about (1)
  2. But if I first convert (1) into the sketch of (2), I can then mirror (2)’s edge about the converted (1) within the sketch of (2)


Instead of “convert entites”, if we use “offset entites” to grab something from other sketche into the current, we can also do the mirror about it.


Help “Convert Entities” does give some brief descriptin on its function, but is far from enough. Why is this “Converted entites” introduced? I have a feel that many of the Help articles does not explain the motivation of the special functionality.


Could someone help?