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Simulation of truss structure

Question asked by Mikael Martinsson on Sep 13, 2012
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I was trying to simulate a simpe truss structure to verify forces in each bar. See picture of structure and calculated answer below (text book example)

Truss Example.jpgAnswer.JPG


The results from my simulation in member DE and AE differs from the calculated result (see below).

I set up a 2d sketch with the correct dimensions and then added weldment-structural members.



Boundary conditions:


The 3 center nodes are restrained from out of plane movement.

The left and right node are fixed (perhaps should be free to rotate in one axel)


My result of axial forces in members:


AB = 2,5 kN, BC = 9 kN

CD = 7,5 kN, DE = 1,5 kN

AE = 1,5 kN, Ce = 7,5 kN

BE = 2,5 kN


The result of the 2 bottom horizontal members are different from the calculated answer.

I attach a parasolid on the structure.

What am I missing here?