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Multiple Footprints - Single Component

Question asked by Jeff Blasius on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by Jeff Blasius

We are using Altium Designer as the ECAD source. The EEs want to have more than one footprint for the same component. The footprint name in Altium Designer gets translated to "Component name" in CW. This could be for different board densities or different component manufacturers. Is there a way to name the footprints so CW can ignore part of the name? For example there may be footprints named CC0603_LD, CC0603_MD, and CC0603_HD. Can CW ignore the _?? so I can have one entry in the library called CC0603? The physical size/shape of the component does not change due to the board density.


For the time being we are not going to create different 3D models for small variations from different manufacturers. I don't see the benefit. This may come back to haunt us, but for now we are starting simple, considering there are dozens of components to build.