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Origin selection

Question asked by Glenn Schroeder on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by Glenn Schroeder

When I start a sketch in a new part I'm no longer able to select the origin from my graphics area to set relations.  Now I can only select it if the origin is set to Show, or I have to go to the tree and select it there.  I opened up an old part to verify this and in that one I could select it (a point icon appears when I hover on the origin), and the origin did not show when I exited my sketch. Is anyone else seeing this?  Could I have made some unintentional change to my part template?


I did a search before I posted this.  I found one discussion about sketch origins versus part origins and I'm afraid I don't understand the difference, and I don't know that it would apply here anyway.