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Patterning or Mirroring Surfaces

Question asked by Brad Reinagle on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by David Suelflow

I have a cirrcular rib pattern I am trying to add to a model.

These ribs intersect the existing geometry at various distances and varying surface geometry.

So the ribs could be patterned cirrcularly but then need to be trimmed accordingly at their individual intersecting surfaces.

I have a knitted and merged surface defined to trim the ribs to.

I have one rib defined as an enclosed surface with the required draft etc.

This 1st rib extends out past all the possible internal surface intersections throughout the cirrcullar pattern range.

My plan was to then pattern this rib, trim them all accordingly then combine them to the rest of my model geometry.

BUT! I can't Pattern Surfaces...AND! I can't mirror them either...

Also, since patterning/mirroring a surface does not seem to be an option I thought maybe I could solidify my first rib, modeled as a closed surface then maybe pattern that etc.

I have not found that option. Is there a way to Solidify a closed surface into solid geometry?

Is there a way to pattern surfaces and or sketches?