Darren Haworth

Weldment cut length and material in Assembly BOM

Discussion created by Darren Haworth on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by Paul Mihala

Hi all.


After reading through the various posts on here I'm still unsure as to how to get my BOM set up how I'd like.


I currently produce a lot of assembly drawings with assembly BOMs. Many of the parts are weldments but they do not require detailing as they are simple cut length components. So I'm trying to create a BOM as shown in the file attached. I have been manually inputting the cut length value through cutom properties but its time consuming and dangerous as it doesn't update. Hence why i'd like to have the weldment length instead. I have tried the indented BOM type option but it adds and extra line, looks messy and confuses the guys on the shop floor.


Am I going about this the wrong way or is indented the only way to go?


Thanks for any help