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How would I hide specific parts or sub assemblies???

Question asked by Catherine Foster on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by John Layne



I am in the middle of creating a detailed product configurator for some of our products using the Configuration Publisher in solidworks. My problem right now is that I need to be able to hide some of the sub assemblies that are in the assembly but solidworks seems to have taken away this ability. The old "$HIDE@..." has been taken away and solidworks tells me to use display states instead. Using display states would pretty much be impossible because I need to be able to create equations in excel to tell the assembly what to hide. I cannot suppress the sub assemblies because I need the mates to still be active.


This is the product that I am trying to make a configurator for. It consists of many different cards plugged into a backplane. Which cards are in the product depends on the customer's needs.


Is there any way around this or does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative method?


I have attached another image of one of my simpler assemblies to explain what I need to do.


Thank you.