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Bright and shiny chrome rendering

Question asked by Martin Lousen on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by Greg Hynd

In an ealier discussion Ron Bates wrote that he had substituted the chrome appearance with mirror....hmmm. how do I do that?

I am fairley new to Photoview 360 but regard myself experienced PW user.

I have used some time with Photoview now, but the chrome finish looks dull and boring.


Any help is wanted..


KR Martin



Link to other discussion:

These look great and I'd also say you've got a great handle on things!  Re: chrome, I find that usually when I want to use chrome, it's b/c I want a metal to show high contrast in lights and the environment refelctions, as well as reflections of other objects in the scene.  I also want the reflections themselves to not be de-saturated at all (or maybe I want them "fully saturated" is a better way to put it).  In that case, I typically substitute the glass "mirror" appearance for chrome.  See the two images and compare...