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    Drawing print quality issues

    Christopher Thompson

      Where I am currently working, it has been pointed out by others that the print quality of the drawings is poor compared to their AutoCad drawings. One of the issues is the tables in the drawings as the text is very faint on the hard copy print. I am assuming that the text in a BOM table and the border lines are on the same layer, is that correct? If not, how can I make the text darker and not so faint?


      Another issue is the title block is not a bold on a SolidWorks printed drawing as it is on their AutoCad drawings, and they would like the printed hard copies to be similar. Anyone else experience these issues, and do you have some suggestions? I have tried adjusting the page setup settings shown in the image below, but it has has little effect.


      Page Setup - Xerox WorkCentre 5030 GPD.jpg


      When I talked to my VAR tech support about this, they recommended the PS driver as shown below.

      Printer selection for SW - Default.jpg

      The PS driver did improve the print quality of PDF files (exported from SolidWorks), but I have seen little change in the SolidWorks print quality. I am currently using SW 2012 SP 4.0.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Install CutePDF and then use that to print your drawing from SolidWorks (basically printing as PDF). You should get a better quality PDF.

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            Glenn Schroeder



            Do the drawings look good on your monitor, but bad when printing?  If they look good on your monitor, then I don't think any changes you make in SW will matter, but I could be wrong.


            You said you checked the settings for Page Setup, but did you check the Print quality settings in Properties?

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              Jeff Holliday

              Are you printing in color, black/white or grayscale? It may be that some of the line-elements are being converted incorrectly in the print process.

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                Brian Uphold

                I am having an issue similar to this.  If I have a wire frame drawing along with a shaded drawing on the same page and try to print using "high quality" it will make all of my lines fade to the point where you can almost not see them.  The dimensions are OK, just the actual wire frames and the title block/borders.  It also does it when you print to a PDF.  If you uncheck "high quality" it prints as normal, just with bad detail on the shaded models. 


                I have yet to figure out a solution.......

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                    Christopher Thompson



                    I have not yet figured out a solution either. The drawing appears fine on the monitor, but it is the hard copy print that is poor in appearance. Changing the page settings has not improved the situation.


                    One SolidWorks user at my facility tried saving a SolidWorks drawing as a DWG and printing it, and the print quality was better. I was informed that SolidWorks goes through a series to translations when printing: SolidWorks --> Windows --> Printer.


                    I had also received a suggestion about changing line weights, and another SW user is installing CutePDF (Deepka's suggestion) to test. I hope to find a solution soon.

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                    Michael Fernando

                    When we print drawings retrieved from PDMworks vault, both lines and dimensions print in one same thickness (=dimension line's thickness).


                    It seems to be that the drawings are loosing the original line thickness quality somewhere in the check-in or check-out process.

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                      Christopher Thompson

                      Athough I did not exactly solve the problem, I found a work around that is acceptable:


                      • Drawing tables (BOM, Weldment Cut-list, etc):
                        • Increase border thickness from .0071in to .0098in.
                        • Changed font style from "Regular" to "Bold" for SWRomns.


                      • Drawing Border:
                        • Increased line thickness to .0197in


                      I also noticed that using SWRomnS as a dimension text font left almost no gap between the dim line and the dim text. Changing back to Century Gothic improved the gap spacing, but there does not seem to be a setting to control it.


                      I should also point out that the drawing tables and drawing border are on layers controlled by the drawing template (Options --> Document Properties --> Tables / Use template settings, and Options --> Document Properties --> Tables --> Bill of Materials --> Layer).