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    Can I re-center  circular sketch to 0,0 coordinates in SW 2012?

    Gary Starkey

      Can I re-center  circular sketch to 0,0 coordinates?

      My drawing began in a ambiguos location, but I need to re-set center of drawing to 0,0 coordiante to use  a zer reference for remainder of work.

      Is there  a way to begin from a 0,0 coordiante so I do not have this problem in the future?

      I am absolutely a newbie. If anyone would like to make a recommendation for a training\tutorial resource (i.e., printed manual). this is also greatly appreciated.



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          Kelvin Lamport

          The best first step tutorials can be found in the Help > SolidWorks Tutorials.

          Working through those will give you a good base in SW usage.


          Posting an image or the actual file here will help to show what you are actually trying to do.

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            Tom Mulholland

            Hi Gary,


            When you create or edit a sketch, you should notice a blue 2D origin marker. This acts like a point that you can start from (0,0). If your sketch is just a simple circle without a lot of other geometry, you should be able to just drag the center point onto the origin. If you have a lot of other geometry that gets messed up if you try and drag it, then use the "move" command (under Tools, Sketch Tools).


            As for tutorials, like Kelvin said the included solidworks tutorials are a great place to start. A couple of quick tips for sketching:


            1. Fully define your sketch...this means there are enough relations and dimensions that all sketch entities (lines, arcs, point, etc.) are black and not blue. Items that are blue can be moved around or change in size still.


            2. Make use of relations and construction geometry as much as possible instead of just dimensioning everything, this will pay off when you need to edit things later. I tend to keep the origin in the center of the sketch, even for rectangular shapes, as later on if you need to mirror features then the right/top/front plane is right there handy.