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    Is Solidworks good for interior design?

    Qi Lu



      Is Solidworks a good tool for interior design? Searching this site for “interior design” leads me only to https://forum.solidworks.com/message/194208 which contains a room design example of rather exotic fashion:


      Cite the example by Sooraj R:



      Since SW is capable of constructing stuffs of almost all shapes, what is then the difference between it and 3dsmax or Rhino, since I heard from interior designers that the these are the most common tools for their trade.


      I guess that the difference is chiefly in rendering ability? I have seen someone using 3dsmax to create translucent illumination effect for some glass art project, and it really took her lots of effort to adjust the myriad settings to achieve the desired result. In SW there seems no concepts like “V-Ray”, etc., so does it mean SW is designed only for defining the geometry, and if someone needs a more artistic rendering effect, they should export the model from SW and us the model in some professional rendering software?