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problem with creating BOM in Routing

Question asked by Antony Jude Franco on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by Antony Jude Franco

we are using solidWorks 2012 premium for Routing Tool. In there we are creating some sub assemblies (no piping)  and then we will insert them in the main piping assembly.

after this if we go to drawing and if we took the BOM we are having some problem.

In piping generally it will save as assembly as a single feature in the assembly tree, which consists of elbows, tee, unions and fittings etc....

so if we take the BOM if we give parts only in the Title block we can get all the fittings and all the parts in the sub assembly. But what we want is the piping fittings should come as a single part and the subassembly (no piping)  should come like a single name..........