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Editing Weldment properties in drawing tables?

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by Christopher Thompson

I have another question about weldment custom properties & editing them in a drawing table. It appears the weldment custom properties are separate from the actual part custom properties as shown in the image below. In this image, the table on the top is the weldment cut-list and the table on the bottom is a BOM with indented detailed cut-list.


BOM_Cut-list combined template.jpg

The "Description" is different as top row is pulling in the description property from the weldment profile where the bottom row is the part description property. They are only different in this case so I can verify these are two different properties, I have two questions:


  • Where is the "UNIT" information coming from in the weldment? I believe it is a "UnitOfMeasure" property, but I do not see it in the cut-list properties as shwon below. The part "UnitOfMeasure" custom property is undefined text, although I think there should be a way to link it to the units. Perhaps this is automatically being done in the weldment although I would like to know how it is being done.
    • Notice the "in" is not capitalized in the "UNIT" column, can that be fixed?

Cut-List Properties.jpg

  • If a weldment consists of multiple bodies (cut-list), can different materials be assigned to the cut-list? If so, how can a material be assigned and a weldment material cut-list property be added that is separate from the part material custom property? An example would be adding fasteners (Can hardware / fasteners be added to Weldments?) to a weldment that are of a different material than a tube, and an assembly file is not needed.


I am curious how others have done this, or if you have other links that explain this where you can refer me. I am currently using SW 2012x64 SP 4.0.