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    Vitual Wall Question

    Phil Perlich

      Is it normal to get non-zero displacements that are very small, 0.006 mils, through a virtual wall?

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Phil: I seem to recall there may be an actual penetration required (although very small) to get a reaction force generated in order to stop the body from penetrating the wall further - at least I have seen this on body-to-body contact. I believe the value you are seeing of 6 microinches may be all it takes to generate the reaction [6E-03 mils X 1E-03 inches/mil] = 6E-06 inches = 6 microinches], and may therefore be regarded as "nil". I am assuming it's "nil" relative to expected deformations -say you expect to see 6 mils of deformation in the structure pressing against the virtual wall, that's 1,000 times bigger. So 0.006 mils can probably be disregarded.