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Question asked by Unspecified Unspecified on Sep 9, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by John Burrill

hi everyone, i'm a mechanical engineering student and i'm looking for a laptop that could run well the program. i already have a desktop workstation at the place where i work so i'm not looking for a mobile workstation nor a gaming laptop. my choice is between the lenovo thinkpad t430 which has an i7 and an nvidia nvs 5400m, the thinkpad t430s which has the same i7 but an intel hd4000 integrated gpu and the ultrabook lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon with an i7 ulv and the same hd4000. my question is: the hd4000 can handle medium complexity parts and assemblies with at max 100-150 parts? for i want to use it also at work.