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Can SW’s 2D sketch alone replace AutoCAD?

Question asked by Qi Lu on Sep 9, 2012
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I have a question on the comparison between SW and AutoCAD. Although I only learned some basic sketching, I have already that SW seems can do most of the jobs I have done in AutoCAD. For example object snap is one of the most useful and commonly used feature of AutoCAD and I also had the impression that it was something Autodesk patented at the beginning (though I think the patent should have already expired since every CAD tool now exists offer object snapping ability), but I feel that snapping in SW is not at all less than AutoCAD, and is equally or even more convenient.


Another thing I found that is although being a 3D program, SW 2012 seems to be even faster (more responsive) than AutoCAD 2010 2D on my machine.


I am interested in knowing that how much market share has SW has already encroached from AutoCAD? For many people I have met AutoCAD is still the synonym of CAD software and every university in my country teaches AutoCAD to their ME or design major students.


Can SW’s sketch feature alone replace AutoCAD as a 2D product, or AutoCAD still have some advantages that I am not aware of, and these advantages still make itself an indispensable tool for 2D drawing?