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Creating parts, and assemblies

Question asked by Chukwuka Wayemeru on Sep 9, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi guys,


I am new to Solidworks and I am currently using self teaching and youtube videos for my learning. Please bear with me as I am going to be asking loads of questions in future :-).


I am not sure what the rules are regarding posting links on here, but I am currently watching a Youtube video and with most teachers on there, they tend to skip steps. This leaves learners confused, because they cannot understand how to proceed.


This link is to the lecture i was watching.


Can somebody please explain to me what happened from 03:16 mins? I can say that I did exactly what the instructor said. The problem is that I could only draw the rectangle, but couldn't get on to the extruded boss, because it is not an option (greyed out). I am thinking that the instructor must have either created the part somewhere else and inserted or has skipped some steps.


It will be awesome if some would be kind enough to help this thick headed learner :-).


Cheers guys.