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Project import from Autodesk Inventor 2012 to Solidworks 2012

Question asked by David Newman on Sep 10, 2012
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Ive got a feeling i know what the answer is going to be... but i'll ask anyway because i can be quite optimistic sometimes!


We run Inventor primarily but because of the (quite frankly overwhelming) client requests to have their data in Solidworks we are lookin at the propect of getting everyone here on to solidworks as well.  I've done quite a bit of googling trying to find out if it is possible to take an inventor project (iam's, ipt's and idw's) and convert it, en-masse, it a solidworks project.


i have opened an iam stage and have a good sldasm with sldprts but no detail drawings.


I appreciate that i may well loose the associativity between detail and part, but is there a method of converting the idw's into slddrw's?