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    EPDM on a MAC

    Tom Cote

      Does anyone know if there is a way to run EPDM on a MAC without having to use BootCamp?  We have a few people who use MAC's but need access just to view files.  I really do not want to make them have to launch with BootCamp if I can avoid it.  I was thinking/wondering if the web client of EPDM would make sense.


      Thanks for your thoughts,


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          Tim Webb

          Managing expectations, you can run it but not administer it on iPhone and iPad.


          MobilePDM made for iPhone and iPad. We use a few licenses here for use on the Production floor and in the shops. It is still in evaluation.





          App store


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              Michael Dekoning

              @Tom, The EPDM web client doesn't have a viewer, a limitation I've frankly never understood.

              @Tim, If you're at liberty to say,how's your experience been with mobilePDM? I've had a group asking us about it, but the informaiton on the website is minimal at best.

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                  Tim Webb

                  Hi Michael,


                  I would be glad to share my observations.



                  • Not feasible for me to use on iPhone with small screen and during transitions
                  • All data is live
                  • Transition time is not delayed
                  • I have a few addins running on this EPDM but I'm not sure if there are any problems with them executing during transition, I didn't pay attention to that.
                  • There were unexpected errors thrown at various times which were managed by killing all other open apps
                  • We used drawings pasted as referece and all referenced drawings were immediately accessible within one touch on the screen. This was OUTSTANDING!
                  • Viewing of PDFs was never slow over WiFi, even 10MB PDF files
                  • Searches were faster on iPad than teh built in EPDM search
                  • Configuration is very time consuming but necessary for security. Allow 1-2 hours for setup
                  • Permissions affect the display of folders and files in a different way than the standard Windows EPDM interface but not a show stopper. All users can see all folders but are not allowed to see contents if their group doesn't have permissions.


                  Operations benefits:

                  • It helps reduce travel time back and forth to a computer to check a drawing
                  • Keeps uncontrolled documents off the floor
                  • Give the ability to look at multiple drawings on the production floor with engineering
                  • Keeps crew leads from stopping work document control to get a quick drawing
                  • Allows crew leads to look at any drawings with a mechanic on the floor
                  • This is an outstanding interface for management as well, especially while on TRAVEL


                  There were a couple items I witnessed in the evaluation that were communicated back to the MobilePDM development team and they were resolved.


                  Also, If I did not need to run reports, work on SW files, or work in SQL server, I would solely use the iPad as my computing tool with MobilePDM.


                  There is more but I need to run for now.


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                    Tom Cote

                    Thanks Mike, this is not the first time that I have been asked about running on a Mac.  Hopefully SolidWorks comes up with a good solution soon.



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                        Clark Honzik

                        Hi Tom,


                        It's been a long time.  Have you heard of the Web2.  It does not use active x so it can be used in any web browser.  The only thing is I am not sure when it will be officialy released.  I would ping your VAR on it.  It might be a solution for you.




                        Clark Honzik

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                    Tedd McHenry

                    I run EPDM on a Mac using Parallels virtual machine and Windows 7.

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                        Jorvart Jorgensen

                        Hi Tedd,

                        one of my contacts also have used EPDM in the same environment as you. 

                        But when upgrading to 2015 they experience problems.  First of all it starts "get latest" until the hard-disk is full, and if this is cancelled the vault-view comes up, but without contents.

                        Have you successfully upgraded to 2015 ?





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                            Tedd McHenry



                            No, I have only used up to 2012, I think. I'm also no longer working at that company, so I guess that's as far as I'll ever go with it.


                            I would recommend that your contact try building a new, empty vault and see what happens with it. At least that way, if it automatically goes into "get latest" mode, there won't be any data to get.