Design Tables vanish when part is saved

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 27, 2006
Thank you for your reply. I have checked this, it doesn't seem to make any difference in the problem if Excel is running or not. An open Excel window, or no extraneous Excel process in the background give the result described.
I did find mention on a SW bulletin board that Excel add-ins cause this problem. The description there suggested opening Excel and disabling all the Excel add-ins. This also makes no difference in my difficulty.

on 2006 27 19:54 Anna Wood wrote:
> Check to make sure that when you close your SolidWorks document and SolidWorks that
> an instance of Excel did not keep running in the background. If there is an instance
> still running in the Task Manager, Processes tab, kill it before re-opening your
> files up.
> I seem to recall that causing some issues like you are seeing.
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> Anna Wood
> SW06 SP4.1 x64, WinXP x64
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