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Why is the insert Model Item (Dim) is removed from layer when moved?

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Sep 7, 2012
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I have some layers set-up in the SolidWorks Drawing Template (*.drwdot) to satisfy the AutoCad users where I work. These layer names match the current layer names in AutoCad so in theory when I export a DWG it will look very similar to the AutoCad drawings. The problem is when I insert a model item (sketch / feature dimension) it comes in on the current layer, but when the item is moved / dragged to a new location (up-down, or sideways) it is removed from the layer.


For example, I have set the the dimension layer to "DIMS" (Document Properties --> Dimensions --> Linear) and the dimension from the feature appears at first on that layer. Once I drag the item to a new location on the screen, it moves off the "DIMS" layer to layer "none". However, if I create a dimension using the "Smart Dimension" tool the dimension remains on the currect layer even when dragged to a new location. This is very obvious since the "DIMS" layer is blue in color, and when moved to "none" the dimension color changes to black.


Technical support had previously suggested the following:


  • The default active layer is whatever layer was active during the save of the template. By opening your template, changing the layer to "per standard", then saving out your template; I am able to insert items and the default layer is "Per Standard".


Not sure why this is happening. Has anyone else seen this? I gave my file to my SW VAR and they experienced the same problem, and I hope to get a reply from them soon. I do not know if there is another unique setting for "Model Items" in the SW Drawing Template that is over writing other dimension settings. I am using SW 2012x64 SP 4.0.


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