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    Solidworks to DIE in it's current windows environment!

    Peter Farnham

      Quote byJef Ray,


      “And when I said kill SolidWorks, I meant the SolidWorks as we see it today, working in a Windows environment, will be replaced by SolidWorks working in an online environment. But it’s still going to be called SolidWorks. We’ll somehow give it a moniker to differentiate it from the other, just to minimise the confusion when we’re talking about it. I mean we had to, inside R&D, that’s why we’ve just been calling them V1 and V6.”

      So when will the next generation of SolidWorks be delivered?

      “We’re still a couple of years away,” said Ray. “I don’t want to put pressure on the R&D team. The pressure for them is to get it right, rather than get it out fast. And like I said, we’ve got at least 10 years’ worth of stuff left to do on V1 that we know of, and every year more stuff gets added. You know, every day customers call us and they’ve got new ideas. I mean, we’ve got a long list of stuff to do. We’ve already nailed it on what SolidWorks 2012 will be, and the team’s excited about that.”

      How much?
      In several keynotes and interviews Jeff Ray has said that cloud-based CAD apps will be cheaper than the desktop ones we buy today. In a Yes/No round of questions, he explained that SolidWorks V6 will be cheaper to purchase than desktop CAD is today. It will absolutely have a lower cost of ownership and will run on significantly less expensive hardware but not as low-powered as an iPad.



      Try using Solidworks online when going through the channel tunnel for instance or through a O2 usb stick.


      Maybe time to switch!

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          Matthew West

          The SolidWorks tools you use today are not going anywhere. We just showed off SolidWorks 2013 to the press and blogger community yesterday, and will unveil our new 2013 website on Monday. And next year, we will release a new conceptual design product that is complementary to the tools you use today, as well as SolidWorks 2014. And the year after that, we will release SolidWorks 2015. And so on into the future.


          To quote the great Mark Twain, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated..."

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            Anna Wood

            Geez, Peter what prompted you to post that old information today?


            SolidWorks as you know it is not going anywhere.....


            I plan to happily using SolidWorks for many years to come.  SolidWorks 2013 ROCKS!!!  Looking forward to seeing what will be in store in the future.





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                Don Van Zile

                Thanks Anna, much appreciated!



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                  Peter Farnham

                  Hi Anna,


                  It's because I read it today, lol


                  Bear in mind this quote was said by the CEO and not just anyone.


                  Bit like the jewellery chain Ratners CEO said that they sold cheap trinkets. If it's wrong, don't say it.




                  I hope Solidworks are around for many years, really I do.

                  Their efforts this year to make Solidworks more stable has been great!

                  It works about 97% of the time for me now compared to last year and the year before when it was just total pants (in my type of work).


                  My only wish now is for Simulation Express to be useful, have more than fixed geometry and match the basic formulas.

                  Try modelling single shear on a straight round pin for example.




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                      Alin Vargatu

                      Peter, that quote has been taken out of context.


                      In that interview (which by the way is more than 2 years old)  Jeff was saying that instead of waiting for the competition to develop a better product that will kill SolidWorks, he will do that himself (meaning SolidWorks - as a company - will create a better product for the future).


                      It is quite funny how the message got distorted. He was talking about creating stuff, not destroying it!!!


                      Also, be aware that SolidWorks has now a new CEO who, by the way, is a CSWP!!!


                      Bertrand Sicot repeated quite a few times at the last SolidWorks World that there will always be a desktop solution no matter what. Always!


                      I remember that he said that at least 3 times.


                      You might be able to find the video of his presentation on the SolidWorks World Proceedings website.

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                        Anna Wood



                        Yeah that post is a bit outdated....    I suspect SolidWorks would wish it could be nuked from the internet.


                        I had the opportunity of attending the SolidWorks 2013 Launch Event this week. Was able to speak to the executives at SolidWorks and several of their Product Definition people.   Matt Lorono, Don Van Zile and Jody Stiles in Product Definition.  It is great to see their work coming to fruition in this year's release.


                        They are all very excited about the work they have in the pipeline.  I do beleive we are going to see some of the best releases ever of SolidWorks over the coming years.  Was a very up beat group of people presenting the new SolidWorks release.  It is something they are pretty excited about.





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                      Is SolidWorks 2013 really going to be a great release or is it more like its been years since we have seen real progress when it comes to the geometry tools in SolidWorks so by comparison SolidWorks 2013 looks like a great release?


                      SolidWorks still has no real direct modeling tools like Solid Edge ST and SpaceClaim have had for years.


                      SolidWorks still has no solid primatives compared to say IronCAD. Why not? When I've used primatives in other programs I thought they were often a good approach that saved time:




                      SolidWorks has no fully integrated Sub-D surfacing tools like Creo Parametric has:




                      What is the future of SolidWorks surfacing when it appears that the Dassault CGM kernel used in Catia has an entirely different approach to surfacing?  Is it just me or does Catia surfacing seem much more robust and better thought out than SolidWorks surfacing?


                      No CAM program I've even seen that runs inside SolidWorks creates its own unique Assembly type files for CAM and for Stock and instead they run on top of the SolidWorks Assembly file. When this happens the CAD and CAM integration is severely disrupted! CAM that runs inside of SolidWorks has many parts that aren't like using SolidWorks at all and are unique to each CAM system that runs inside of SolidWorks. How you set up work coordinate systems, how you copy and paste machining operations, how you define and manage stock, etc. The sad FACT is that every CAM system that runs inside of SolidWorks has created their own unique (and often bizarre) ways to manage these tasks. Most CAM vendors who run inside of SolidWorks do their level best to hide the exact details of how these parts of their CAM program work because it contradicts their claim that running their CAM inside of SolidWorks is just like the SolidWorks experience. This is especially true when you are dealing with an Assembly approaches to machining multiple different parts. The only true fully integrated CADCAM that I've ever seen is when one vendor creates both the CAD and the CAM programs:





                      In what areas is SolidWorks still a technology leader when compared to its competition?


                      Jon Banquer

                      CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn