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Creating a new Toolbox part with options not configs

Question asked by Ash Combe on Sep 7, 2012

Hi all

I’m going to assume this has already been answered, couldn’t find it, please point me in the right direction...


I’m liking the new Toolbox. I can create a new part, put it into the appropriate category, populate it with many different configurations via a Design Table and when I pull the part into an assembly I get a nice drop-down list to select one of the configs. GREAT...


This is good for parts that are simple, like shoulder bolts of the one diameter, the drop-down list just lists the different lengths. Cool...

Problem is if I have one file for all diameters, which I can do no worries, then the drop-down list would display dozens of different options that I'd need to wade through to find the one I need.


What I want is to have one file that works like the existing fasteners. A drop-down list to define diameter and one for length,(and any other options) the diameter list would define what lengths are available etc.


I’m hoping that this is all in the way the part is set up or in the way it is put into Toolbox as I don’t want to go hacking any database like what had to be done pre-2012