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    BOM Process flow

    Tim Webb

      Hi guys.


      I am looking for input on how other manufacturing companies use the EPDM BOM in manufacturing, ERP integration, and disposition of the BOM lifecycle (start to end).


      ***Disclaimer: In my former life, a BOM had a well-defined lifecycle of its own and was transitioned to Supply Chain for disposition and returned to Production in the form of a kit***


      • > 50% of our CAD data is generated by an external engineering supply house
      • 20% of our CAD data is in AutoCAD
      • The balance of our CAD data is in SolidWorks
      • Internal engineering is populating BOMs in the SolidWorks CAD files they use but I am stumped with how to handle the other 70% of our CAD data
      • There is someone currently scraping the BOM contents off the PDFs as the drawing releases and sends it to supply chain for ordering and parts for kitting


      Ideas and thoughts are welcome.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Jeff Sweeney

          Seems like named BOMs are the way to go here, they can have lifecycles, you can track changes, add and remove parts if your kits are incomplete.


          May have to manually add the AutoCAD entries unless you paste them as reference to something.


          (Working on this very topic as a topic for my presentation at SWW.)

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              Tim Webb

              Excellent idea Jeff. I am already using it in a limited fashion as a testbed but I don't know how to handle the outside engineering supplier data.


              I like the paste reference on the ACAD data too.


              We receive only a PDF and STEP files by arrangement (i.e. no BOM) and this comprised >50% of our data.