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    surface continuity

      Mark -
      In my experience just setting a boundary for 'curvature' and pressing the button does not get me curvature continuity - when I use angular deviation to check, I see the resulting face doesn't even get c1 tangency. Have you had much luck with SWx curvature continuity?
      I keep finidng the best results from lofting and manually adjusting the start and end tangencies, though (as you rightly point out) getting tangency along the sides is not a sure be and just trying can cause ripples/faults elsewhere in the loft. My models always end up looking like a states-map of patches as I try to fix one spot after another.
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          If your in 2006 your out of luck trying to get curvature on a loft in both directions. Also, while it is certainly theoretically possible to have that curve constrained to be curvature continuous, you will most likely get an overconstrained error message. 3D sketche constraints are just completely buggy.

          That said, you probably can do without the curve an still be able to control the continuity break line with the Loft connectors. You need to RMB click while createing the loft and select "show all connectors". You should then be able to slide the connector from the break along the opposite boundary.
          • surface continuity
            I am trying to create a surface tear feature in a curved surface. I am setting up the curves but am having trouble constraining the spline to match the curvature of the ajoining surfaces. (picture attached)

            Is there a better aproach to building this feature

            Can anyone help?
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              I believe the conditions you require on your part can be accomplished with SolidWorks 2007. I assume you are using SolidWorks 2006. The whats new document for SolidWorks 2007 shows this capability - both the requirement for the 3D spline to be curvature continuous with a surface and the surface fill to be curvature continuous to boundaries.

              Pete Yodis
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                OK... I have never tried this, and this is coming from an Alias user. I don't think SolidWorks has a TRIM DIVIDE function. So, save the body of the mouse twice. In the first file, trim away the button, and in the second one, trim the body, thus leaving you the button curvature cont. to the body...

                Just an idea...