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New user...complex to create parting lines

Question asked by Matt Somerville on Sep 6, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by Matt Somerville

Hi all,

I've been fumbling with Solidworks for a couple of weeks just waiting for my training, but I have a part that I need to create the mold base and core for. I've been using Bobcad for about ten years, so we will see if Solidworks will be an upgrade (insert sarcasm here).I have gone through some great tutorials, but unfortunately those parts are so simple that I don't know that those methods would be best for this application. This is a low volume rubber part, so we don't have to worry about sliding cores and we don't need to automate it because the operator will be handling the core bar to remove the part. Also with rubber you don't have to worry about the draft angle. I've contructed a plane on the face where I thought would be a good parting line. Could some of the great minds of this forum be of any assistance and share the proper way to attack this part?


Thanks in advance for slowing some of my greying/balding.