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    Scaling a Part?

    Anthony Bear

      Is it possible to make a new, larger or smaller part, using scaling, and if so, how?


      For example, I have created a part file of a flange... I need one that is half the size in Diameter and approximately 3/4 the size in height. 


      Is there an easy way to do this?  I am using 2012 SP4.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Kevin Drew

          Scale PropertyManager

          You set options for scaling a model in the Scale PropertyManager.

          In a part document, click Scale (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Scale.


          Scale Parameters


          Solid and Surface or Graphics Bodies to Scale(Multibody parts only). Specifies which bodies to scale. Select bodies in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree in the Solid Bodies and Surface Bodies folders.
          Scale AboutSpecifies the entity about which to scale the model. Select one of the following: 
          Scales the model about its system-calculated centroid. 
          Scales the model about its origin. 
          Coordinate System 
          Scales the model about a user-defined coordinate system. For Coordinate System PM_CoordSys.gif, select a coordinate system that you have previously defined. For more information about defining coordinate systems, see Coordinate Systems.
          Scaling occurs in both directions of axes when material is present on both sides of the entity selected for Scale About. When material is on one side only of an axis, the model scales in only one direction along that axis. See Examples of Scaling.
          Uniform ScalingApplies the same Scale Factor in all directions. Clear to specify a different Scale Factor for each axis.
          Scale FactorDefines the factor to multiply by in each direction. If Uniform Scaling is selected, enter one Scale Factor to apply in all directions. Otherwise, enter a factor for each direction: 
          X Scale Factor 
          Y Scale Factor 
          Z Scale Factor 
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              Anthony Bear

              Thank you, kindly, Kevin!  I appreciate your help!

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                  Kelvin Lamport

                  For what you describe, my choices would be (assuming the part is fully dimensioned);

                  Make a copy of the part, and change it's dimensions.

                  Alternatively, create a configuration, and change it's dimensions.


                  Using the Scale function for such a change present a problem when editing the part. The underlying dimensions will still be related to the pre-scaled part which can be very confusing when trying to further edit dimensions.

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                      Anthony Bear

                      Really this is for a general, non-critical part which we use infrequently.  Close is really good enough, as it is mainly a visual representation used in our assembly and drawings for our customers to see and our workers to build assemblies.  We aren't having to make these parts ourselves.

                      In this respect, this is all I'd need and your aid has been invaluable!  Thanks again!

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                        Kevin Drew

                        True as Kelvin described.


                        Scaling on works well if the part is uniform.

                        There are times we need to scale plastic parts with a different shrink for the diameter and linear.

                        When we do this they become out of round


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                      Galin McMahon



                      I'm trying to follow your answer to do this.  I drew this and need to shrink the height to 35.  I tried following the Insert > Features > Scale path.  It's greyed out.  I saved the drawing and opened the part document as instructed.  Still greyed out.  Any suggestions?


                      To SolidWorks: Why is there no option to scale just the x or the y?  This seems like one of the most basic operations.