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Configuration intent

Discussion created by Richard Remer on Sep 5, 2012
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Just looking for opinions on best-practices.


When a model in SolidWorks must be represented differently in its drawing than as an assembly component, the DEFAULT configuration should be used for:

  • The DRAWING version of the model. Create another configuration when necessary for representation of an assembly component.

... or ...

  • The AS-ASSEMBLED version of the model. Create a drawing-specific configuration when needed.


For example, take a compression spring.  Often, a spring is assembled in a slightly-compressed state.  If you made a drawing for the spring, you would probably show it in its free state.  So, do you model the spring to its installed length in "Default", and add a "free state" configuration for the drawing?  Or do you model it in its free length in "Default", use that for the drawing, and add a configuration for "Installed" length in the assembly?