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    How many cores is too many?

      Now that cosmos can work with multiple processors, how many is good enough?
      My analysis I'm running today has 930,000 DOF, 11 bodies total, 5 bonded surfaces, 5 contact surfaces, and 4 bolted surfaces each held with 12 bolts. 6 bodies are steel, 5 are nylon, so I am running direct sparse solver.
      This is a big simulation and is at 35% after 2 days running on dual core machine with Windows XP Pro (32-bit), 3GB ram, two 3.4GHz Xeon chips.
      I'm going to get a new computer because I will have lots of analyses more or less about this size. The IT people are considering Windows XP-64 bit, 8GB or 16GB of Ram, and perhaps 4 or even 16 processor cores. Then my neighbor mentioned that FEA is notorious for suffering from diminishing returns from multiprocessing, that perhaps 4 cores is already too much and 16 cores is likely too much. Anybody have any background on this topic?
      The question is, is 16 cores too much? 4 cores too much?
      Thanks greatly for your consideration.
        • How many cores is too many?
          Chris Michalski
          Kevin - not sure if you're still debating this, but I can tell youfrom working with one of the engineers at FloWorks on other issuesthat multi-core is only going to help you run multiple simulationsat once - 1 simulation, 1 processor core - as for the 32-bit/64-bitthey found it generally lets you run larger models (more nodes) butactually increases simulation time - my P4 3.6 never touches mostof the 4GB of RAM it's got during simulations (some up to aweek) - the consensus I've found was to spend the extra cashon a processor chiller and overclock it instead of loading it withRAM and multi-processor setups - not an easy solution but the bestfor breakneck speed or large simulations
          • How many cores is too many?
            Francesco Rustichelli
            Kevin, CosmosWorks can use very well 2 cores (NOTE: FFE+ and Sparsefor STATIC)

            I do not have official data but I believe it cannot use morecpu's yet.
            I do not know anybody who has tried 4 cores.

            Please note that CosmosFloWorks is different.
            Chris's answer is correct but applies only to FloWorks.

            Anyway using a double or quicker CPU is useless if you donot have enough RAM.
            930'000 DOF need about 400 MB ram with FFE+ and 4GBram with Sparse.

            So if you cannot simplify your model (or mesh), you have to useFFE+ or upgrade to a 64bit PC with at least 4 or 6GB ram.

            When your Cosmos stays completely in ram and not in VM,
            then you can think about the speed (or the number) of the CPU's.