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Creating COTS library project in PDM

Question asked by Christopher Swallows on Sep 4, 2012
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Need some help with some suggestions setting up a library folder within the vault system.  I do know you can set up vaultadmin to a standard libraries folder and disable check in of the documents.  But this isn't the best solution for us because we are working from multiple locations and not always connected to the network unless we are checking-in/out something.  So we don't want to be "dependent" on setting up mapped server locations and syncing the folders for offline is really not a option for us at this time.


With that said, my assumption is to set up a project on the vault for this.  I want to allow users to initially check in something they want to add and also check out anything from that project to the local drive.  But once they check out to the local it would be read only and does not need to be checked back in or revision managed.  I know this will make check-outs possibly longer but then we will then be working off the local within the assys.


Also, another noted reason I want to do this is if we re-structure the file folders down the road.  So my logic is to treat it as another part and move it within the vault down the road.  But I need the restrictions the library parts need.  So am I going down the right path here?