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How to simulate fan application with thermal load & vibration?

Question asked by Igor Isayev on Sep 4, 2012

Hi All,


There is a vertical air-cooled fan application that is installed on a furnace roof top with impeller assembled at the bottom of a motor shaft. The basic requirements for that fan apps is to provide hot atmosphere agitation & continuous flow movement within a furnace (atmosphere temperature inside could be up to 1750F).
It’s a typical design application that has different sizes & life expectancy due to combination of thermal load and vibration that is getting worse over the time.

I should mimic all physical processes using SW simulation tool to compare different fan designs and come up with the optimal one based on certain boundary conditions ( such as RPM, blade size, bearing locations, etc.)
We have full blown version of premium SW with Simulation Premium & Flow Tool licenses in-house, but I’m used to be familiar with FEA linear & non-linear static & CFD tool.


What I’m trying to define is how to solve this complex problem step-by-step  since there is no single multiphysics solver in SW to bring & solve all processes together. Should I use CFD tool first to get a temperature load from a model, and after transfer this load to a dynamic solver to analyze vibration? Or should I need to simulate & get some mechanical loads using Motion Analysis , and after export them as boundary conditions into dynamic study? Is Motion analysis capable to take any thermal load into account?


Your help is greatly appreciated.