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Slow Interface when Sketching Exploded Lines

Question asked by David Robarge on Sep 2, 2012
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I am running SolidWorks Pro 2012. The computer is Windows 7 with 6 GB of Ram. Basically, when I am in Solidworks I use the exploded lines sketch tool and select the features I would like to connect. However, sometime I need to create a straight line between two faces that are not round. So what I have to do is hit "x" on the dialog for the route lines dialog and insert the sketch myself (basically a 3D sketch). Now heres my issue. The interface is really really really slow when I am trying to do this. For some reason when I manually add route lines the system is slower than mollasses. Like, when I try to rotate the model it lags for 5 seconds before responding. When I close out the sketch, everything is normal. Just to clarify, I am not adding a seperate 3D sketch to the assembly. I am using exploded route lines as part of the exploded assembly lines feature.


If you have any ideas as to why this is happening or how I can solve this speed/lag issue I would be very gracious. I make manuals involving assemblies and I use this feature all the time.


Thanks in advance!